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This Award is for a Demolition Supervisor/Chargehand, who during the year of the Award, has made outstanding progress, leading by example in implementing exemplary levels of safety and working with the management team ensuring projects are brought in on time.

The winner will receive a cheque for £1,000 together with the Award Trophy, which will be presented at the Annual Luncheon Awards Ceremony, which follows the AGM on 23rd March 2018.

Award Criteria

The following criteria must be achieved:

  1. Nominated Demolition Supervisor/Chargehand must be directly employed by a Corporate Member of the NFDC and have been employed by that Corporate Member for a minimum of one year at the time of submitting this nomination form.
  2. Demolition Supervisor/Chargehand must be nominated by their employer with a limitation of one nomination per Corporate Member.
  3. Nominated Demolition Supervisor/Chargehand must hold the CCDO Demolition Supervisor/Chargehand Card.

Selection Criteria

  1. Personal Qualities – The Award should be aimed at Demolition Supervisors/Chargehand who have shown improvement and expertise within the Demolition Industry. Supervisors nominated for the Award should show above average qualities of: –
    • Safety Awareness
    • Initiative
    • Reliability
    • Completion of work to a high standard
    • Strong leadership qualities
    • Showing a good sense of responsibility
    • Eager to continue professional development
  2. They must show exemplary supervisory skills with the ability to bring the most out of their team.

Nomination Form and Process
Please complete the nomination form and attach all necessary documents to support your submission and submit online.

Hardcopy submissions will not be accepted.
The closing date for the award submission is Friday, 23rd February 2018. The Judging Panel will review all nominations shortly after, and the award shortlist will then be issued.

Your Company’s support of the nominated candidate at the Awards Luncheon would be greatly appreciated.

As the candidates will not be seen individually, could you please provide a description below as to why you feel your candidate is worthy of this Award. You may also attach photographic or video evidence if you feel this will be beneficial to the Judging Panel.

Nomination Form

Nominee Details

(data required to cross reference NDTG Training Database & CITB Awards Online)
(please provide a copy below)
(refer to category guidance and specific jobs where the individual has demonstrated exemplary skills and aptitude)

Training & Achievements

Accompanying information

Please submit the following documents with your nomination form
(if you do not have a photo in the work place, please provide alternative photo)

Should you need any support completing your application via this form, please contact julie@demolition-nfdc.com or call +44 (0)1 442 217 144